Our services

We offer a personalized service, completely adapted to the needs of each company, to achieve success in access in the shortest time possible.

National and international companies, which do not yet have a team in Spain or have a minimal team, can benefit from a tailored service that covers their needs, and take advantage of the experience of knowledge of the Spanish market, efficiency in the management of details and a unique network of contacts.

Servicio Early access programs

Early access programs

  • Management of access to medicines for special situations programs
  • Contact with the AEMPS
  • Program Management
Servicio P&R Consulting. Access optimization

P&R Consulting. Access optimization

  • Strategic advice on price and reimbursement of new products and indications
  • Strategic contact management
  • Coordination and adaptation of Valor dossiers
  • Collaboration in Regional Access Management
  • Management of specific access barriers
  • Diverse stakeholder participation projects
  • Innovative personalized access proposals
  • Management of the P&R/Market Access/Public Affairs Department outsourced
  • Monitoring legislative impacts on access to certain products
Servicio Patient access. Advocacy

Patient access. Advocacy

  • Projects with patients
  • Projects with patient associations
  • Advice Patient Associations
  • Patient Advocacy
Servicio Regional Access

Regional Access

  • Regional Access Strategy
  • Evaluation follow-up by the committees of the autonomous communities
  • Preparation of allegations for the draft report
  • Contacts/Regional Stakeholders
  • Organization of expert tables (Payers, Clinicians, Patient Associations)
Servicio Access training

Access training

  • Personalized "in Company" courses
  • Market Access: Conferences for companies/associations
  • Monographics: public tenders, P&R processes, Patient centricity, ...
Servicio Organization of events on access and health policy

Organization of events on access and health policy

  • Days
  • Adv Boards
  • Editorial cafes
  • Current classrooms